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The Website Of Qingdao Bouni Chemical Co., Ltd Has Officially Revised

Writer:AlexNumber of visits: Date:2010-07-15
The Website Of Qingdao Bouni Chemical Co., Ltd Has Officially Revised.

Qingdao Bouni Chemical Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is mainly engaged in producing polyethylene wax with a mature marketing network and excellent marketing team. It has long-term and stable partners in international and domestic chemical trade. Currently, the company mainly specializes in polyethylene wax and concurrently operates titanium dioxide, trichlorethylene, rubber, plastic raw materials, additives, etc. and has set up several branches in Guangzhou, Jinan, Changzhou, Qingdao, Harbin, Tianjin, etc. with experienced professionals responsible for sales.

Qingdao Bouni Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaozhou Bay of Shandong Peninsula. Its beautiful environment, excellent ports, accessible routes create a good development platform for the company. Moreover, scientific management and product innovation make the company enjoy a fast development. Over 10 years of development, by adhering to the “Credible Management, Future Co-creation”, Bouni people have won customer's trusts by means of their gold-like credibility. In 2008, the company invested to set up modern plants with an area of 70 acres in Jiaozhou, Qingdao. With excellent scientific research strength, modern production and testing equipment and advanced production management concepts, we can produce all kinds of high quality BN series of polyethylene wax. Bouni Company has gradually changed itself from pure trade-based company to an chemical industry and trade enterprise integrating production, warehousing, sales, logistics. Our company sincerely hopes to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers to develop new products for rubber additives markets. We adopt all high quality raw materials to produce high quality PE wax. The main products include polyethylene wax (BN200, BN208, BN500, BN108, BN110, BN718, BN-100 Series), APP, binary ethylene-propylene rubber, etc. Meanwhile, the company is also an agent of Wuxi Haopu, Longkou Daoen Titanium dioxide as well as the general distributor of Russia “USOLIECHIMPROM” and Inner Mongolia Dakang TCE in southern China and Shandong.

Our company mainly produces and sells the following products: polyethylene wax; polypropylene wax, oxidized wax; high and Low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, APP, ethylene propylene, trichlorethylene, acetone, butanone, benzene (coking benzene), anhydride, bisphenol A, dichloromethane, chloroform, EPDM, SBR, nitrile rubber, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber accelerator; titanium dioxide, chlorinated polyethylene, refined naphthalene, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, ferric chloride, ultra-fine barium sulfate, stearic acid salts, antioxidants, UV absorbers and other chemical products.

We will sincerely cooperate with partners from all circles for a common development and brilliant future by virtue of high-quality products and credible services.

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